(Voce, Basso)

The band's born in July 2009 from the will of Eros and Darak of keep on playin together following the split of their first band, shortly after their schoolmate Elia joins the band as drummer.
Following a first covers repertoire the band begins to write original songs and playin the first lives until recording the first self titled demo in the summer of 2010.
During the 2012 the band enters the studio to record the single "Door of Madness" that earns a fairly good success in the underground local scene leading them to play many live in the north of Italy.
In February 2013 the first full lenght "Reverse the Reality" see the light in CD format by Grom Records and in tape format by Total Desaster Prod. (the LP edition is expected for January 2016) that allows the band to play live as support act of many worldwide leading underground bands in different occasions. In Semptember 2013 "Magikk", a long-standing friend and already Eros's bandmate in Terrorsaw, joins the band as second guitar player.
A 7' split with the brazilian band Whipstriker entitled "Start The Warcollapse/Oath of The Death" is release in May 2014 by the greek labels Hell's Fire Records and Metalthrone Prod. After this release the band begins to play live also outside the Italian territory (Switzerland, France, Belgium, Romania etc...) and in January 2015 Extirpation enter the studio to record their new album "Wings of Decadence" that will be release on 31 October by Nightbreaker Productions.
Meanwhile a tribute compilation to the german cult Black/Thrash band Desaster is released by Grom Records, involving the partecpation of Extirpation, Nocturnal Witch, Nocturnal, Witchburner, Triumphant, Terrorhammer, Slaughtered Priest and more.


Nightbreaker Productions

Grom Records
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