Gabriele Deriu
Giacomo "Jak" Piazzi
Nicola "Borto" Bortolotti
Corrado "Corra" Menegatti
Alessandro "Chene" Chenetti

The band was born in 2010 in Cavalese (ITA) with Jak and Borto at the guitars, Chene (ex-Violence Spread, ex-Nimroth) at the bass, Corra (ex-Nimroth, The Beyond) at the drums and Michel (The Beyond) at the vocals, with the idea of playing a Steamroller Thrash Metal (as EXODUS, DEMOLITION HAMMER, FORBIDDEN and ANTHRAX to name a few).
After an initial repertoire of covers, the band started composing the first original songs, that will turn out in the 2012 self-produced Demo "Abusive Grindhouse".
During the summer of 2012 Michel leaves the band which is readly replaced by Deriu (ex-Violence Spread).
After a settling period with the new lineup FF continued composing new songs, that came out in 2014 in the self-produced Demo/EP "Wrapped in Chains".

In the end of May 2015 will be officially available the debut album of the band "Artificial Perfection" that will be released by Nightbreaker Productions

Nightbreaker Productions

Self Released
Self Released