United Kingdom

Xander Bradley
(Vocals, Guitar)
Henry Parker
Ryan Sheperson
John Riley

Spawning from Planet Earth, four-piece Progressive Death/Thrash Metal outlet Cryptic Shift spore a unique blend of Brutal Grooves, High Speed Riffs and Gruesome Sci-Fi Elements.

After a haul of crushing shows throughout 2014-2015, Cryptic Shift aspire to impact the UK Underground Metal Scene. Having previously securing support slots with
internationally known acts such as EXODUS, LOST SOCIETY, HIRAX, XENTRIX, BLOODSHOT DAWN, RE-ANIMATOR, and also touring the UK/Ireland with VEKTOR, Cryptic Shift aim to continue their voyage across the UK and to also take their music to further grounds in EU and USA with the release of their debut EP 'Beyond The Celestial Realms' (2016).

Creating a mix of fundamental Death/Thrash Metal influences, Cryptic Shift see beyond the traditional writings of their predecessors and proceed to implant their morbid creation of Progressive, Technical, Sci-Fi Orientated Death/Thrash Metal upon their viewers presence.

For fans of Death, Obituary, Vektor, Atheist, Voivod

Nightbreaker Productions