Em Stoy
(Vox, Bass)
Mike Possessed
(Guitar, Vox)
Matt Maniac

Since forming its ugly, hateful brand of Death Metal in 2014, Oligarch has played numerous Australian shows in support of bands including Destruktor, Nocturnal Graves, Hobbs Angel of Death, Black Jesus, Anatomy, Cemetery Urn, Draconis Infernum (Singapore), Hordes of the Black Cross, Debacle, Terror Squad (Japan) and Sewercide to name a few.

Oligarch released the 6-track demo Hypocrisy Oath in June 2016, in a limited cassette run of 100, which sold out not long after its release.
In support of this release, Oligarch toured the United States, supporting Nocturnal Graves and Hellbringer, during a run of three shows in L.A, Oakland and Brooklyn.

Nightbreaker Productions will take care of the CD version of their 2016 EP "Hypocrisy Oath", that will be released in spring 2017. More details coming soon...

"Hypocrisy Oath showcases a band that appreciates savagery with a no-nonsense approach to their music. Absent are the typical five minute long voyages into fret-board acrobatics. Or long, drawn out think pieces that modern Black Metal has morphed into. And while there is definitely a showmanship and mastery behind what they do: the plain and simple fact is that Oligarch are just about as raw and nasty as they come..." - "No soft, melodic introductions or audio samples to set the tone. Oligarch simply burst out of the basement where they were chained and want vengeance against a world that has wronged them." - Joseph Collins, CVLT Nation, USA 2016

"Oligarch come aaaaaaaaall the way from Melbourne, Australia and to my ears they play a very refined war metal mixed with some dissonance and death metal. This mix is devastating... There are some seriously incredible moments in this EP like the final part of 'End All Life', the whole 'Slaves to Imperium' or 'Futile Insurrection'. Especial mention to the vocals of this album, painfully credible and beautifully audible and expressive." - Evil Warnings LA 2016

"Hypocrisy Oath by Aussies Oligarch is one nasty, venomous, bile spewing cacophony of six grinding, black tainted, death doom tracks..." - The Shrieks from Below, UK 2016

Nightbreaker Productions