Kaz McLovith
Greg Peterson
Criss Carrett
Simon The Animal

The band started out as an unnamed project in 2013 in Warsaw (Poland), with Greg, Kaz and Criss as it's co-founders. Their vision was a Speed Metal act inspired by such masters of the genre as "Helstar" or "Agent Steel" but with a bit o progressive touch like "Coroner" or "Toxik". When Simon joined in, the name "Boltcrown" was born. The band was originally supposed to be a quintet, but they couldn't find the proper person, so they remane as a quartet. After a few months of rehearsing the band reached out to recording studio to create their debut EP intitled "Reign Of The Damned". It came out in the late 2014 and contained 3 songs. The artwork and logo was done by a guatemalan artist "Mario Lopez".

Now the band is composing new songs that will make up the first full-lenght titled "Darkness Calling" that will be released by "Nightbreaker Productions"... stay tuned for news!

Self Released