• Nex Carnis - Obscure Visions Of Dark  CD

Artist: Nex Carnis
Title: "Obscure Visions Of Dark"
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Iran
Release Date: 05/23/2015
CatalogID: NBP-004

First-class death metal in old school vein with a blackened touch. Recommended to every extreme metal fan who is looking for dark and twisted music with smashing riffs.

Prepare for the ascend of extinction ...

1) Darkened Rites of Existence
     Part 1: Visions
     Part 2: Labyrinth
2) Cryptic depths of Unlight
3) Dissolution in Vortex of Sanity
4) Descent into Ethereal Realms
     Part 1: Entrance
     Part 2: Transmigration
5) Abolishing Rancid Thrones of Deceit
6) Murky Pits of Time

Nex Carnis - Obscure Visions Of Dark CD

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